About Us

We were born with a sense of wanderlust and yearning to explore the world. We seek out the road less traveled. We look to experience the unique culture and beauty of every place we go.  While mass tourism has made it more difficult to discover charm and authenticity, we believe that the travel experience still can be largely unaffected by the negative aspects of the modern, commercialized world. It just requires careful planning and an astute guide.

There are many blogs focused on luxury travel.  But what is luxury?  To us, luxury is simple.  It is the sensory experience of the world.  Luxury brings appreciation and enjoyment. In goods, luxury is seen through quality and craftsmanship.  In services, luxury is an attitude and energy.  It may be a hotel in Paris where every detail has been carefully considered for a guest’s comfort and enjoyment.  It may be a restaurant in New York where the chef is dedicated to providing the best experience to his customers.  It may be a shop in London that has been passionately selling the same bespoke goods for hundreds of years. It may be a craftsman in Kyoto so dedicated to quality that he only makes 300 knifes each year.  Also, it is worth noting that luxury does not need to be expensive.  It can be as simple as a coffee shop in San Francisco that serves a perfectly brewed cup of single-origin coffee or a small seaside restaurant in Turkey that serves an immaculately grilled fish caught that morning.

Time is also a luxury. Unfortunately, the reality is that most of us do have as much time as we would like for travel.  

Over the years, we have carefully planned our trips around luxurious and unique experiences that happen over the course of a long weekend.  It is amazing how much of the world you can see when you stop waiting for the perfect moment or a week off.  We have found that, with careful planning, it is possible to experience the very best of a city or region in a short three-day trip. However, with such a short period of time, you cannot leave anything to chance or you risk losing valuable time to uninspiring experiences. 

We decided to create a blog to offer our experience in preparing short itineraries that highlight the finest hotels and resorts, the best food and wine experiences, unique local attractions and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.  We will take you to the world's great cities, charming towns and exotic resorts. We will spotlight people and places that define luxury. We promise candor and that we will only spotlight places we love and have experienced firsthand.  We are dedicated to offering the ultimate luxury travel experience.

Bon voyage!